How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

 Hello friends, Aashiq Pathan is the founder of this blog, and today I will tell you how you can ensure your car, if your bike or car has an accident and you do not know how to claim it, all the information through this article I'm gonna tell let's start

Friends, no matter how careful we are while driving, sometimes we can become victims of unwanted accidents, in such a situation, if we have taken car insurance, then it can save us from this loss, friends, due to these accidents, our government has made insurance mandatory. So that we can reduce our loss to some extent, but not all of us know how to claim it. Keeping this in mind, I am going to tell you the complete method of making the claim.

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident

An accident happens while driving a car, it can cause injury to you or the person in front and damage to your or his car, in case of an accident, many things have to be taken care of to claim it, you do not have to run when an accident happens Many get scared and run away leaving that injured person alone, you do not have to do this, if you have taken insurance, then you should help him and you have to be mindful at the time of the accident if you also want to claim insurance from the insurance company. If yes then follow the procedure given below

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

Collect As Much Evidence As Possible

During the accident, you have to collect the whole and not run away from there, first, you handle the injured and see how much damage the front car has done to your car, for this, you can make a video or take a photo from the mobile.

The car that collided with your car must note down the name of the driver, the mobile car address and the plate number of that vehicle and the place where the incident has happened if someone has seen your accident, then try to take the details of his mobile number and address.

If you get hurt in an accident, in that case you also have to tell this on the basis of evidence, if you get it treated in a nearby hospital, then definitely get it written to a doctor.

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

Get The Police FIR Done

Get an FIR done during an accident, do not run away in fear, many get scared or hesitant, but this is only part of the accident and claim, in which you are injured or in both the cases in front, you must get the FIR done at the nearest police station. This report helps you get the clam

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

How To Inform The Insurance Company After An Accident?

You have to inform the insurance company immediately after the accident, if your vehicle is damaged during the accident, then before taking the service center you have to inform the insurance company, usually within 24 hours of the accident, you will have to pay toll in the insurance company. You should definitely inform us about this by calling on the free number.

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

Accident Damage Assessment

When you inform the insurance company about the accident, the officers come to inspect them on their behalf and these sizes calculate the damage to your car. When you get the insurance done, the company also tells you about the nearest service center.

The insurance company itself makes arrangements to take away the damaged car and also pays the money to get it repaired once the claim is approved. Keep a solid bill of the money you have to spend to get a claim from the insurance company and present it at the time of the claim.

 Due to this, your spent money also gets added to the claim. With all these expenses, the representative of the insurance company sends a report to the insurance company.

How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

Documents For Accident Claims

When you submit an accident claim, you will need to include some important documents based on your claim received.

  • A copy of the FIR was handed over to the police
  •  A copy of your insurance policy
  •  All hospital expenses in the event of bodily injury
  • Your vehicle registration card
  • Your driver's license
  • insurance claim form
  •  Estimates or bills for vehicle repairs

With all these things a claim is made to the insurance company. If you do not have the knowledge to perform all these procedures, you should hire a good lawyer. An attorney helps you get a claim by completing all legal processes properly. So if possible, first take the help of your lawyer.

How Do Insurance Companies Settle Claims?

Insurance companies take 7 to 15 days to settle a small claim, but in the event of a serious accident and a large claim, it may take several months to settle. The company can give you two payment options for the claim.

Cashless Mode Shells

In cashless mode, your vehicle is repaired by taking it to a garage or service center contracted with an insurance company. The company th     en pays it directly to the garage or service center. There is a surveyor who assesses your loss after assessing gives a rough calculation and explains the loss.

Repayment Mode

In this case, a surveyor sent by the insurance company inspects your vehicle and sends an estimate to the insurance company. You have to repair the car yourself, at first you have to take the money out of your pocket and after the repair, you have to claim the expense along with the bill. The insurance company pays for it.

Do Not Do These Mistakes During Accident Claim

Friends, at the time of accident, we make such mistakes, due to which our claim can also be rejected, avoid these mistakes at the time of car insurance claim -

 When an accident happens, you do not need to run away from there in panic nor need to take your vehicle from there. This may make it difficult for you to claim your insurance as you had fled by mistake.

If your vehicle is broken after an accident, then do not take it to a garage and give it for repair. First inform your insurance company and let the insurance company official to assess the loss. After this, according to the official of the insurance company, get your car repaired.

Sometimes people get greedy and exaggerate their accident. And you have to hide the evidence, it can only harm you. If you do not tell all the things correctly, then your claim may be rejected.

When your car's clam goes to the company, take a look at it properly. If anything is left, then definitely tell about it and only then do the settlement. If possible, take the help of a lawyer for this.


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