how to earn money from cryptocurrency -

 Hello friends, welcome to our blog, in today's post, you will know about how to earn money from cryptocurrency, through this article, today I am going to tell you 7 such ways, which will increase your earnings quite a lot, so this post should be given to you. Must read completely let's start

how to earn money from cryptocurrency -

Investing is one of these 7 ways if you want to make big money in crypto, for this you have to find good crypto projects which can last in the market for a long time and not such projects which came today and got closed in few days Once you find good crypto projects, then invest in them for long term because investing is a long term game.

It requires your patience, the longer you can last, the more you will earn money in it, if you think of earning money in it in the short term, then you will not be able to earn as much money as you can earn by investing for a long time. Take bitcoin for example.

Those who had invested in bitcoin 5 years ago today have become millionaires, so you also have to find a platform that will make you rich in the long run.


how to earn money from cryptocurrency -

This is the biggest way to make money, someone said right that love is there, if you make a big investment and wait for a long time, there is no repetition in this that you can make good money by investing in cryptocurrency. Can be different according to your own marketing, so much can be made in it, how will it be, it all depends on your

earn money by trading

how to earn money from cryptocurrency -

Where Investing is a long term game, in trading you find such opportunities in the short term from where you can extract good returns, in trading you take advantage of market fluctuations and try to extract profit from it.

To become a good trader, how you have to read the chart, you should come to what we call Technical Analysis in the language of Trading. In this, you have to analyze the market daily and find opportunities to trade in it. It does not matter to the trader that the market is bullish or bearish, he is able to make money in both these situations.

Based on Landing/Borrowing

how to earn money from cryptocurrency -

Landing/Borrowing is one of the very famous ways to make money in crypto, in which you can lend your crypto, in return the borrower pays you interest. In crypto, the lending contract is directly between the one who is lending and the one who is taking it, there is no 3rd party like bank in between.

For Landing / Borrowing you can use Decentralized platforms like Aave, Compound, MakerDao, but there are also very famous Centralized platforms like Nexo, Blockfi, Binance which provide the service of Landing / Borrowing. You will get to see different returns on every platform, some less and some more.

Also, there is risk in this, so always manage your risk and choose the right platform to borrow or lend, many investors in crypto use Landing / Borrowing to make crypto from their crypto.

Staking can

You can earn Staking Reward by staking the tokens used in their network on the cryptocurrencies or blockchains that work on Proof of Stake. By placing tokens on stake, you contribute to strengthening the security of the blockchain network, in return for which you get the tokens of that network in return.

You can go to and see on which network you will get the % Staking reward for staking tokens. You can earn more returns by putting the token found in Reward on Lending.

Can do Airdrops

Every day there is some Airdrop in Cryptocurrency, you can earn a lot of money by participating in these Airdrops, if you do not know what is Airdrop, then in Airdrop you crypto project distributes the tokens used in their network for free. But for this you have to complete the task given by them.

Like many crypto projects ask you to follow their social media pages to claim Airdrop, to use their network, then you have to complete the task given by them, if you have completed all their tasks. If completed, then your chances of getting Airdrop can increase.

Airdrop by Uniswap and 1Inch is one of the very famous Airdrop where they gave tokens worth several lakhs of rupees to the people claiming Airdrop in their wallet.

Mining is a good way

Mining is one of the oldest methods in crypto through which you can earn money, networks like bitcoin which work on Proo Of Work require mining to check the transaction / transaction, in return you get reward. In the form of bitcoin or the network of which you are verifying the transaction, the cryptocurrency used in that network is given.

But to do mining, you need a lot of money to buy technical knowledge and hardware, as well as it consumes a lot of electricity.

Share to get bonus

Apart from this in crypto, you can also earn by Refer & Earn, there are many such crypto apps that give you good referral rewards, one of them is CoinDcx App which is India's number 1 cryptoexchange, it brings you good referral programs. lives.

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