how to spam a phone number with calls

how to spam a phone number with calls

 Are you looking for a prank text service to get revenge? Here's how you can spam a phone number using anonymous calls. You can flood someone's phone with text messages or calls and everything is done with a single click!

We searched a lot on spam phones and we even checked reddit's answers and got it. See how you can spam your phone number with text messages and calls!

to 5 services - How to spam a phone number

Sometimes you need to get one back. Maybe they made fun of you and are now looking for a way to get them back. Nothing is more personal than someone's cell phone.

Did you lose your phone?

We are sure that the first feeling you will feel is absolute horror. Now consider turning the table in this scenario and your target audience will hate your phone if they want to drop it. This is exactly what these text editing services can do for you.

 # 1. BlowUpThePhone.Com

The best revenge prank we've ever seen is called

This annoying prank is really ridiculous and allows users to target their friends and send them more text messages from random phone numbers. The best part is that nothing can stop them, or your target will have to block more than a hundred phone numbers to stop the attack.

You can literally spam someone's phone with text messages or phone calls for up to 24 hours. The user will never know who sent the prank, making it perfect if you have to remain anonymous!

You can still send your own message if you want, but we've found that the standard text messages they send are really ridiculous.

 # 2 MessageBomber.Com

Another spin-off of this prank is, that this prank is very similar to the previous one, but instead of just text jokes, it allows you to send funny pictures and "text bombs" contain funny things like sending endless photos of a cat to a target phone.

Some of the pranks include "endless cat spam" and a ridiculous classic prank called "Fake Craigslist Phone Prank". This prank sends hundreds of messages to your destination and shows when their phone number is placed on craigslist.

See how they try to find messages where their phone number is. (hint: they can't find it because they don't have it)

# 3. EasyPrank.Com

Quick Prank is another very good website that you can use to send a funny prank to your friends. However, this has no role in forging caller ID, you will need to use a different alias number.

In addition, this site is a good site that can be described as a prank. Here you can easily send and talk about anything you want to send. Thus, this is a good feature of this website. Try this out!


Wacky Prank calls, the best prank call website to show your friends, colleagues, and family your wacky side but being anonymous. The victim will never know that it is you who troubled them. Choose from many online hilarious fake calls and easily send them to your friends. Here you can also meet crazy facts that you did not know.

Easy registration, simple IVR instructions and crazy conclusions make this site one of the best joke websites. This is somewhat different from the other websites mentioned here.

It includes a special feature that gives you a special number that you can call instead of your number. It is cold! That's not it? Just choose a crazy touch and send it to your friends and enjoy their reactions.

# 5.

The latest prank on our top 5 list is This site is quite harmless in the way you can prank your target audience. This site allows you to publish many "facts" about various animals, such as cats, dogs and casual items. Just select the type of facts you want to send and choose how much you want your target to subscribe, then sit back and watch them vibrate.

This way you can spam your phone number.

We hope you enjoy this list. The next time you find yourself wanting to make a joke of a friend, give it a try. We hope you enjoy it!


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