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How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident, Complete Process

 Hello friends, Aashiq Pathan is the founder of this blog, and today I will tell you how you can ensure your car, if your bike or car has an accident and you do not know how to claim it, all the information through this article I'm gonna tell let's start Friends, no matter how careful we are while driving, sometimes we can become victims of unwanted accidents, in such a situation, if we have taken car insurance, then it can save us from this loss, friends, due to these accidents, our government has made insurance mandatory. So that we can reduce our loss to some extent, but not all of us know how to claim it. Keeping this in mind, I am going to tell you the complete method of making the claim. How To Claim Insurance In Case Of Car Accident An accident happens while driving a car, it can cause injury to you or the person in front and damage to your or his car, in case of an accident, many things have to be taken care of to claim it, you do not have to run when an accident happen

Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Card

Hello, in today's article, you will know about what is a credit card and its advantages and disadvantages , if you also use a credit card or if you are going to make a credit card, then you must read this post completely before that in which credit card is used. Complete information has been given about the card, why you should use it, how you can avoid credit card loan debt , let's start Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Credit Card What Is A Credit Card? A credit card is like a plastic card. A credit  card is a financial instrument issued by banks, with a pre-set credit limit, which makes it easy for you to do cashless transactions. The credit card issuer determines the credit limit on the basis of your credit score (CIBIL score), credit history, and your income . If your CIBIL score is good then you are given good limits and offers. So you know what is a credit card as mentioned above, now you know about its benefits -   Know The Benefits Of Credit Cards 1. With this

What Is A Bank And How Many Types Of Bank Are There

 Hello friends welcome, in today's post, you will know what is a bank and how many types are there , you are going to get all the information through this article, so stay tuned till the end of this article, let's start What Is A Bank I understood in simple language, the bank is called that financial institution where the public deposits their savings amount and withdraws that amount when needed, apart from this, when money is needed for their personal or business purpose, they take a loan from the bank. An institution, which is licensed by the government to deposit money, and to give loans to people, is called a bank. How Many Types Of Banks Are There? The nature and functions of different types of banks can be briefly mentioned in the following form - 1. Commercial Banks  Commercial banks, in the course of their normal business operations, provide credit facilities for a short period by collecting deposits payable on short-term demand through various accounts from the general

What Is Digital Marketing And How To Do It, What Are Its Benefits? 2022

 Hello friends welcome you will know about digital marketing in today's post, friends in 2022 digital marketing is such a way that your business can grow, but there is so much competition in this field that everyone can do online marketing to increase their business. Do it so that your business is connected to the people Friends, the algorithm of digital marketing is always updated, so no online website remains top on Google, so many SEO experts play keyword games or run paid campaigns to keep their website on top, let's know in detail what is digital marketing. How to do it What Is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the process of reaching customers by running your website or product through a digital medium i.e. online internet website or paid campaign. This is a type of digital strategy, which is done online through the Internet. It is also known as Internet Marketing . Through digital marketing, its services or products are shown to all the customers, who keep using t